Why choose TEM Analysis Services?

At TEM ANALYSIS SERVICES, our focus is on quality. Many of our analysts have been providing TEM Analysis services for the semiconductor and related industries for over 30 years. We know you want reliable service. You also want affordable, high quality TEM images that will help you to solve your material related question in a timely and economical way. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and we are committed to providing our clients with quality TEM imaging services at an exceptional value and in a timely manner.

At TEM ANALYSIS SERVICES, our focus is on you. We keep our overhead low and we pass the savings on to you. Our focus is on reliable and timely TEM analysis services. Our mission is to provide you with the most accurate, reasonably priced and timely analysis available. We work closely with our clients to ensure the highest quality results and service they expect.

At TEM ANALYSIS SERVICES, our focus is on advanced techniques and services. Our lab is committed to using the most up-to-date equipment, state of the art instrumentation, such as state of the art TEM's, a high resolution EDAX® system and much more...Get a quote today!

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